About Us

Novizco is a software services company specialized in areas like Artificial Intelligence, Web and Mobile application development, Digital Marketing and Digital content development. Our expertise in Application Development, Machine Learning and Cloud Platform helps us to develop Web and Mobile applications that are highly scalable, robust and dynamic with Artificial Intelligence features enabled. 

AI plays a central role in the new generation business solutions. From developing analytics solutions that drive intelligent business strategies to full stack applications that can make useful predictions and make decisions, Machine Learning and Data Science is revolutionising the new age business. 

Providing specialised training in AI and Machine Learning frameworks like Tensorflow is a core service we are focused on now. We train corporates, IT employees and future IT aspirants on cutting edge machine learning frameworks and AI concepts. 

We also provide consulting services in Machine Learning to help you add AI features into your Web or Mobile applications. Our team of experts can help you build that next intelligent solution that can transform your business to fit today’s smart world.

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